Company history

mt-g was founded in Neu-Ulm in 1998 by Gerlinde and Andreas Bendig, who have managed the company as executive partners ever since. Since 2012 mt-g has been based in a modern office building at 155 Stuttgarter Strasse, Ulm. The new building, owned by the company, was constructed with systematic consideration for environmental aspects and is a model low-energy building.

In 2000, a mere two years after it was founded, mt-g became one of the first medical translation service providers in Europe to be certified as complying with DIN EN ISO 9001. Today, mt-g is the market leader in translations for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with over 70 permanent employees in Ulm and a worldwide network of external technical translators and reviewers.

mt-g's company sites since 1998:

Uferstraße 5
mt-g 1998-2003
Schützenstraße 19
mt-g 2004-2005
Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 55
mt-g 2006-2011
Stuttgarter Straße 155
mt-g 2012
Unsere Qualitätsstandards sind durch die tiefe Spezialisierung und
fortwährende Prozessoptimierung auf einem außergewöhnlich hohen Niveau.