Local, regional, international

mt-g's international success is also based on the company's local roots in the economic region of Ulm and Neu-Ulm.

Ulm is where true quality of life meets the best working conditions!

Ulm is a business- and science-friendly city with excellent transport connections. Situated on the Danube and with a population of around 120,000, it lies at the south-eastern edge of the Swabian Alb. Munich and Stuttgart can be reached within one hour, Zurich and Vaduz within two. When visibility is good, visitors can glimpse the Alps from mt-g's conference room.

The city's best-known landmark is the minster, which has the tallest steeple in the world (161.53 metres). The most famous people associated with it include Albert Einstein, who was born in Ulm in 1879, and Sophie Scholl, who spent part of her childhood here from 1932.

  • Powerful economic centre

    With its successful companies and research institutes, the university city of Ulm demonstrates its readiness for the future and its commercial strength. The region is one of the leading locations for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in Germany. In terms of transport and logistics, the Ulm/Neu-Ulm area is one of the major growth regions.

  • More attractive living

    Apartments in Ulm can be found both in products of modern architecture and in charming old houses full of history – and at affordable rents compared with Stuttgart and Munich. Many apartments and houses are situated directly in the countryside.

  • Families welcome

    Competitively priced building plots, with an abundance of kindergartens and schools, playgrounds, parks, a wide range of sports clubs and music societies – these are just some of the plus points for families in the city of Ulm. A low crime rate and excellent medical facilities complete the family-friendly picture.

  • Recreation all the way

    Sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and those with a taste for adventure will find all they could wish for in and around Ulm. Museums, theatres, cabarets and concerts provide cultural diversity. And, typically for a university city, Ulm offers a lively pub scene with a host of idyllic beer gardens. The Danube is a popular meeting place for sports enthusiasts, walkers and sun worshippers. The Danube also marks the starting point for many festivities: from the traditional Danube Rowing Cup, to the Danube Festival with international artists and guests, to the 'Schwörmontag' (Oath Monday) celebrations with jousting fishermen and the unique 'Nabada' river parade.

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