Marketing and communications in the medical and pharmaceutical field

Besides specialised translations that are purely medical, companies often require the translation of documents with sales, marketing, quality and production content in several languages. Individual customer requirements as well as the stipulations of the authorities have to be taken into consideration, depending on whether the texts are intended for in-house use or for publication. The successful translation of these kinds of texts not only demands a knowledge of numerous fields of expertise but also experience with complex workflows. Our Pharmaceutical & Medical Communication project management team is perfectly familiar with the requirements for translations in specific fields of expertise and coordinates project progress considering all of the specifications.
  • Typical Covid-19 texts and documents

    • Press releases
    • Recommendations for action (e.g. hygiene instructions, behaviour after the end of the stay-at-home restrictions)
    • Scientific publications (e.g. research results, Covid-19 and risk factors, etc.)
    • Customer information (e.g. company changes in the current situation, impact on accessibility and working methods, production of urgently needed goods such as protective clothing and disinfectants, etc.)
    • Employee information (e.g. instructions for behaviour, thanks to employees, helpers in the Covid-19 crisis)
    • Posts for communication platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • e-learning

    • Audio & video translations (including subtitles and dubbing)
    • Online training
    • Training presentations
  • Marketing and sales

    • Advertising materials
    • Product information
    • Discussion guides
    • Educational and training materials
    • Websites and apps
    • Brochures for patients and professionals
    • Market research documentation, market analyses
  • Production and quality management

    • Operating instructions
    • Batch records
    • Quality manuals
    • Quality reports
    • Material safety data sheets
  • Authorisation- and medicinal product-specific documentation (especially for Swiss authorisations)

    • Swissmedic information for healthcare professionals and patients
    • Correspondence with the authorities
    • Product monographs
    • Expert articles
    • Research documents
    • Guidelines
  • Other

    • Commercial and financial documents (contracts, annual financial statements, commercial registers)
    • Deeds, certificates
    • Corporate communications
    • Patient reports
    • Job descriptions
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