Quality is the top priority for mt-g and always has to be quantifiable and verifiable. This applies to translations as well as to all other processes: mt-g is one of Europe's first translation service providers for the medical and pharmaceutical industry to be certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. Furthermore, a specialist team is certified under the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation service providers as well as the company is certified under the standard DIN EN ISO 18587 for post-editing of machine translation output.

Copies of our certificates are available for our customers at any time. To receive a copy for your QM system, contact us under qm(at)mt-g.com and we will send the certificate directly to the indicated address right away.
  • Translator selection

    The quality of our services stands or falls by the selection of the translators. This is why vendor management processes are firmly embedded in our QM system. We have established strict selection criteria and follow a proven, pre-defined qualification process. Our translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers who specialise in medicine and can demonstrate their knowledge and experience. For the purpose of ensuring constant dependability, we attach importance to long-term partnerships and regularly assess the quality of the services provided and that of our working relationship with the freelance translators.
  • Quality management system

    mt-g uses the quality management system ConSense IMS to describe and continually improve all in-house processes. It regulates all workflows and provides employees with a source of information on quality assurance. In addition, the system furnishes the employees with all the relevant tools required for efficient project management, such as checklists and check sheets.
  • Competence and professional expertise

    All mt-g employees regularly complete
    • general courses and further training in project management, quality assurance and translation technologies as well as
    • special courses and further training in their respective fields of expertise, e.g. to acquire knowledge about customers' areas of operations.
  • Quality assurance

    mt-g's internal quality assurance is a special procedure for ensuring and improving translation service quality. Each project management team has permanent employees who deal with internal quality assurance and check every document in relation to certain criteria prior to delivery to the customer.
  • Audits

    mt-g has already successfully passed numerous customer audits. Samuel Aubin, mt-g's Head of Quality Management, is always happy to deal with audit enquiries and to answer any other questions about quality management at mt-g.
  • Certifications

    N° enreg. 280091
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Samuel Aubin
Member of Management
Prokurist Quality & Compliance
Head of Quality Management
Unsere Qualitätsstandards sind durch die tiefe Spezialisierung und
fortwährende Prozessoptimierung auf einem außergewöhnlich hohen Niveau.