We can take on the project management for you, including selecting and coordinating the interpreters to meet your requirements. We can provide our interpreters nationally and internationally – wherever they are needed.

Our interpreters have received solid training and possess extensive background knowledge and experience in the linguistic as well as the medical and pharmaceutical fields. They transfer the spoken word reliably into their mother tongue as well as into the foreign language.
  • Fields of expertise

    • Medical technology
    • Global regulatory affairs
    • Clinical studies
    • Marketing and communications in the medical and pharmaceutical field
    • Dentistry and dental technology
  • Interpreting services

    • Consecutive interpreting
      - Liaison interpreting
      - Site tour interpreting
    • Simultaneous interpreting
      - Conference interpreting
      - Tour interpreting
      - Whispered interpreting
  • Occasions to engage an interpreter

    • Conferences, general meetings, events and trade fairs
    • Site visits with a guided tour
    • Speeches, addresses, presentations to smaller groups
    • Audits, contract negotiations
    • Courses, training
    • Other occasions on request
The range of services we offer covers the entire translation workflow - from professional translation to sustainable translation memory management. The language portfolio currently comprises more than 60 languages with around 600 language pairs.

Our fields of expertise

We would be pleased to advise you:
- on selecting the right interpretation service.
- on whether engaging an interpreter is the most appropriate solution for your occasion.
- on interpreting and how these kinds of projects run, if you would like to find out more in general.

Christian Kämmle
Coordinator Customer Management
Unsere Qualitätsstandards sind durch die tiefe Spezialisierung und
fortwährende Prozessoptimierung auf einem außergewöhnlich hohen Niveau.